Behind the growth of the African economy, there lies a 31 billion dollar industry that thrives and propels the people of this progressive continent. Much like the international fashion industry, the African fashion industry has been able to accept change and adapt to the constant evolving climate of the global fashion industry.
African fashion goes beyond the intricate designs of the continent's culture, heritage and dress. It represents the innovation of Africans in fashion, business, media and of course, technology. Hence why it has been ablle to grow at such a rapid pace to become the multi-billion dollar industry.

It's no news that technology and social media are enabling brands disrupt the fashion industry. It makes even more sense that technology has seeped into the DNA of fashion brands and companies like Rent-The-Runway, Zalando, and EON are using AI, data mining and 3D scanning to improve shoppers' experience and how the everyday person sees fashion.

When it comes to fashion-technology in Africa, Tailorgang is steady positioning itself as one of the forerunners and key players of this blooming industry. As a fash-tech company, we have seen the importance of technology in the African fashion industry and have made it our mandate to propel and enable fashion designers and brands exceed maximum potential through the use of technological solutions. We have done so in 3 key areas: Tailorgang Academy, Tailorgang Business, Tailorgang Discover.

Tailorgang Academy

On Tailorgang Academy 65% of the users who signed up on the service in our first one year had intentions of learning, some of whom we disappointed. What we have now done is to give them a separate app that is dedicated to the learning process. We needed to capture the learning process, from discovering new tutors, categories and students; this we have done with the Tailogang Academy. Yes, users can now download their video contents to their phones and watch them later! You can also give feedback to students and tutors. Every stuent also has access to our publications library at no extra cost. If you want to start your fashion journey with Tailorgang visit Tailorgang Academy

Tailorgang Business

Tailorgang Business wants to shape how Tailors and Designers treat their customers by giving them an effective management platform to manage everything includig the sizes, invoice, receipts, income, expenses, staff, request and task management. We aim to help business with vital metrics that can help propel their growth. The future of fashion in Africa is technology and we believe Tailorgang Business provides the requisite technological foundation to propel growth. Visit Tailorgang Business

Tailorgang Discover

Tailorgang Discover is creating a market for African Tailors and Designers to showcase their work and get people to request them, our business solution manages the entire process from request to deliver. Customers can choose to pay directly to Tailors or pay via our platform, pay via our platform ensures that delivery and quality are met before money is released to Tailors. Tailors see their value in their wallets but cannot spend money out of it until all or part of weekly or monthly deliveries are made and feedback from customers received. To enjoy this new feature, see Tailorgang Discover.