It’s that time of the year where everyone flocks to Lagos for fashion week. In 2019, the concept of fashion “do’s and don’ts” isn’t particularly relevant. When it comes to fashion week, there’s no such thing as being overdressed or being underdressed since there’s an art in fashion.

It requires more than just the right outfits to tackle fashion week. And like many other events, fashion week can be beyond overwhelming. Between the back-to-back runway shows, the quick outfit changes, and the lack of sleep, it is pivotal you get through the week without losing your cool.

We at Tailorgang have put together our staple tips and tricks we pull out when it comes to our high-stress times.

Always keep a pair of comfortable stylish flats or sneakers in your purse. Can't stress this enough, blisters will be the downfall of your fashion week.

Stay hydrated (and have with you a snack or two). With all the hustle, you’re bound to get hungry and dehydrated all day. Carry with you a handy water bottle and a few snacks before you can kick back and enjoy a nice glass of bubbly!

Pack an on the go makeup bag. Always have a little powder, lip gloss and liner to freshen up your look.

Never run out of battery. You don’t want to be freaking in the middle of a runway show over a dead phone. Never leave your apartment without a good’ ole power bank to keep your phone juiced up for the snaps and pictures.

Keep it cute and shady. You can never go wrong with a cute stylish pair of sunglasses. More than just complimenting your outfit, they hide your tired eyes and are perfect for the endless people-watching!

Say 'Yes' to Micellar Water. From the beginning of time, Micellar water has been known to be the French Woman’s elixir to great skin. Keeping your skin hydrated during Fashion Week is a major key and Micellar water does the trick of wiping your makeup and also providing an additional boost of hydration, which gives dry skin the moisture, it needs and perks up a tired-looking face. Get an empty spray bottle and pour in some Micellar water. A little goes a long way.

A Carry-on tote. Where else will you fit all your essentials but in a tote bag?