Much like any timeless fashion item, blazers are not confined to just the workspace anymore and have quickly become a staple wardrobe item for every fashion-forward person. While blazers may be your go-to for any formal occasion, the classic jacket looks good on anyone for a variety of looks.

While you can never go wrong with layering a blazer over a simple jeans-and-tee look, lately we’ve been noticing more innovative, forward ways to style the staple. Fashion girls have been spotted playing with layering tricks and reveling in fresh silhouettes—think oversized silhouettes and clashing prints for that rocker-chic vibe. Get inspired and see below the coolest ways to style your blazer this season.

Wear a colorful blazer with bold prints underneath.
When it comes to fashion, there are no limits, you just have to be bold and daring. If you're wearing a top with lots of colors, limit the colors on the blazer, else you might come out looking like a clown. A monochromatic blazer in pink or red to layer over a patterned top would work great. One-color blazers are easy to match to any type of prints, the trick is to work with a similar colour palette.

Style denim shorts with an oversized blazer
Perfect for the Lagos weather, pairing your casual shorts and top ensemble with a blazer give it a refined look, nothing says effortless like an oversized blazer with denim cut-offs. Don't forget the 'I just threw this on' attitude.

Try a matching blazer and short combo
Sophisticated summer style is a blazer and shorts co-ord suit; a fun and fresh take on the classic pantsuit. Warmer weather shouldn’t stop you from looking professional and stylish. Go colorful or go home, with this try to pair bright colored shorts and blazer with a neutral-colored top.

Layer your blazer over a dress
Layering is your friend! Wearing a blazer over a maxi dress can elevate your style from romantic and whimsical to classy and professional. So if you have a board room meeting or brunch with the girls, a blazer can take your dress from brunch queen to boardroom chic!

Wear a blazer with a leather mini
Whether it’s a leather skirt or shorts, a blazer creates a sleek finishing touch while maintaining an element of edgy chic. It’s where sexy meets classy