This month, our topic of conversation is Sustainability. We’ll be speaking to African designers that design and focus on eco-friendly sustainable fashion.

The designer for the week is Elexiay, a sustainable brand that offers uniqueness through handmade crochet clothing, they produce clothes in environmentally and socio-economically sustainable ways.

Q: When was the brand created?

A: March 2018.

Q: Why is sustainability part of the brand agenda?

A: In 2016, there were discussions in one of my classes about climate change and there was also a recession in Nigeria. I saw how the recession had affected communities around me negatively, I decided to start a fashion brand that was sustainable and impactful. I did some research and Elexiay was birthed.

Q: Describe your recent collection in three words?

A: Earthy, nonpareil and piquant.

Q: What is your favorite piece from your latest collection?

A: The Irma coverup dress

Q: How does your brand implement sustainability?

A: Nigeria is a country blessed with a rich history, heritage and culture. At Elexiay, we are telling the Nigerian story through clothing made ethically. We currently focus on the art of crochet. With knowledge passed down from generation to generation, we are skillfully making clothes without machines with the aim of producing clothes that cause little to no harm to the environment. All our pieces are handmade, recyclable and custom made, they are made only on demand. Craftsmanship and women empowerment is vital at Elexiay. Our artisans are all women and they are fairly paid. We also only use locally produced yarn in the production of our garments.

Q: What a characteristic that sets your brand apart?

A: Characteristics Elexiay’s pieces are one of a kind and can't be found anywhere else, they are made by different artisans who have different signatures making each piece unique.

Q: What comes next for the brand?

A: Sustainability is significant for fashion, because the textiles and fashion industry is among the leading industries that affect the environment negatively. Elexiay’s vision is to research more forms of Nigerian crafts, arts, and skills that can be useful in the production of clothes and helping the fashion industry become more ethical. We are also currently researching the creation of yarn from weeds.